Melon Playground MOD APK (No ADS) v16.0

Melon Playground MOD APK (No ADS) v16.0

v16.0 by playducky com

A simple sandbox game, where you create your own scenarios.

Android Android 5.0Simulation
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Name Melon Sandbox
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Genre Simulation
Size 107 MB
Version 16.0
Update Aug 2, 2023
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Mod Version 16.0
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Melon Sandbox is the most famous version in the Melon Sandbox series of publisher playducky com

Introduction to Melon Playground MOD APK

Melon Playground is a popular open-world ragdoll physics sandbox action game for Android and iOS. It allows players to unleash their creativity in a pixel-style world and destroy pretty much anything using a huge arsenal of weapons. The modded version of Melon Playground takes the fun gameplay experience to another level by unlocking everything and providing an ad-free experience.

Brief Overview of Melon Playground Gameplay

In Melon Playground, you control a green character made up of different body parts connected with chains. The gameplay involves exploring the open area and interacting with various objects and living things. You can treat them any way you like – throw them around, smash them to pieces or blow them up into the air.

The game offers an opportunity to enjoy a great deal of fun through limitless possibilities. With ragdoll physics, you can twist, stretch and dismantle your character. There are tons of weapons like blades, guns, grenades and more to try out. Overall, it’s a delightful sandbox game for anyone who wants to go on a rampage in a virtual pixel world.

Key Features and Mods in Melon Playground MOD APK

The modded version provides the following enhancements:

  • Ad-free experience for uninterrupted enjoyment
  • Unlocked everything including all characters, weapons and levels
  • Unlimited money and gems for free in-app purchases
  • God mode for invincibility against enemies
  • Infinite ammo so weapons never run out

These mods allow you to explore the gameplay without any limitations or grinding fully. You can focus on creating chaos and trying out new weapons instead of worrying about resources.

How to Download and Install the MOD APK

Downloading and installing the modded APK is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest Melon Playground MOD APK from a trusted source.
  2. Enable “Install from unknown source” on your Android device.
  3. Locate the downloaded APK file and tap on it to begin the installation.
  4. Accept all permissions and wait for the installation to complete.
  5. Enjoy the full features of the modded app by launching it on your device.

That’s it! Make sure to disable install from unknown sources after this. Also, delete any existing version of the original app before installing the modded one.

Gameplay Controls and Mechanics in Melon Playground

Now let’s take a deeper look at how the game works and how to play it smoothly.

Customizing Your Pixel Character

Once you enter the game, you can customize your green character in many ways. Tap and drag body parts to stretch, dismantle or reassemble the limbs. There are also skins and costumes you can use to alter the appearance.

The modded version makes all skins and outfits free to try out. Mix and match all you want to create a unique-looking character before starting the sandbox experience.

Interacting With the Environment

The open pixel world is your playground. You can pick up and throw around any objects strewn across the landscape. Smash rocks, boxes, barrels etc by hitting them. The interactive environment makes way for limitless possibilities.

Buildings and structures can be demolished using weapons. Vehicles can be driven around and smashed up for fun. The physics engine leads to realistic destruction with debris flying around.

Using the Weapons and Tools

Select from an expanding arsenal of weapons and tools of destruction. Blades and axes, as melee weapons, enable you to cut through objects skillfully. There are firearms like pistols, machine guns, shotguns and more to shoot down anything.

Explosives like grenades, dynamite and rockets create complete mayhem. Special weapons like a giant syringe can melt victims instantly. The modded version provides unlimited ammo for going trigger-happy.

Enemies and Combat

As you progress through levels, you will encounter enemies like thugs and zombies. Combat involves utilizing your weapons to take them down. At the same time, watch out for their attacks which can dismantle your character.

The enemies have various behavior patterns. Learn their attack styles and beat them using appropriate weapons. The god mode in the mod makes you invincible so you can focus just on destruction.

Mastering Movement and Controls

The intuitive touch controls let you move around easily. Tap the screen to walk or drag to run. Toggle buttons let you crouch, jump and aim weapons. Swipe the camera joystick to get a full view of the area.

With practice, you can move smoothly while simultaneously aiming and shooting weapons. Mastering the controls is vital to combat and crossing obstacles efficiently.

Best MOD Features in Melon Playground MOD APK

Let’s now see whatMakes the modded version a must-have download.

Ad-Free Gaming

The original game contains ads that interrupt gameplay. The mod APK has removed all ads so nothing comes between you and unbridled carnage. Enjoy an uninterrupted experience exploring every corner of the pixel world.

Everything Unlocked

Normally you need to grind and progress to unlock new levels, characters, and weapons. This mod unlocks everything right from the start. All characters, costumes, weapons, and levels are available for free. Get a taste of the full content from the beginning.

Unlimited Resources

Resources like money and gems are used to purchase weapons, skins, etc. They are usually limited to encourage in-app purchases. The mod offers unlimited money, gems, and other resources for free. You can obtain anything in the game without worrying about costs.

God Mode for Invincibility

God mode grants you invincibility from all types of damage. Enemy attacks will not affect your character so you can focus on pure offense. This makes it easier to progress through levels by trying out new combat tactics fearlessly.

Infinite Ammo and No Reloads

Guns normally have limited ammo which runs out quickly. You have to keep reloading. This mod provides infinite ammo so guns never have to be reloaded. Just keep shooting endlessly for maximum carnage and action.

FAQs About Using Mods in Melon Playground

Here are some common queries about using mods in Melon Playground:

Can you install mods for Melon Playground?

Yes, Melon Playground supports modding on both Android and iOS. The modded APK is the easiest way to add mods to the Android version. For iOS, you need to use third-party apps to install modded IPA files.

How to install mods for Melon Playground Android?

Simply download the Melon Playground MOD APK from a trusted site and install it on your device by allowing installation from unknown sources. The modded APK comes preloaded with all the enhancements and unlocks.

Is Melon Playground gone?

No, the original Melon Playground game is still available on both Android and iOS. Only the modded APKs may sometimes get taken down by developers. But you can always find working download links for the latest modded versions.

How do you get Melon Playground ++?

Melon Playground++ is a modded iOS version with unlocked features. To get it, you need to use a third-party app like TweakBox or AppValley to install the ++IPA file directly on your iOS device.

How to get Melon Playground mods?

On Android, download the modded APK which already includes all the popular mods. On iOS, use ++ mods or apply mods through modding apps and tools. Check gaming forums for the latest mod files people have created.

How to remove ads in Melon Playground mod apk?

The modded APK itself comes with all ads removed so you don’t have to do anything extra. Just install the ad-free modded version rather than the original game to enjoy an interruption-free experience.

Tips and Strategies for Melon Playground Gameplay

Let’s look at some tips and strategies for getting the best out of Melon Playground’s sandbox world.

Beginner’s Guide and Early Game Tips

For new players, focus first on learning the basics – how to move around with the touch controls and interact with objects. Don’t rush straight into combat until you are familiar with dismantling, throwing and handling items efficiently.

Try out different weapons on inert objects to see their effects. Melee weapons require you to get close while firearms allow ranged damage. Explosives like grenades have splash damage effects.

Learn to traverse safely by jumping over holes or obstacles in your way. Crouch to take cover from enemy fire. Practice these movements till they become second nature.

Melon Playground pits you against many types of quirky enemies. Here are tips on dealing with them:

  • Armored knights – Use heavy weapons like axes or rocket launchers to smash through armor.
  • Agile ninjas – Shotguns and machine guns work best on fast-moving targets.
  • Zombies – Keep their distance and use ranged firearms to pick them off safely.
  • Giant bosses – Employ explosives for huge splash damage to bring them down.

Crafting New Weapons and Gathering Resources

As you progress through the lands, keep collecting resources like wood, iron, gunpowder etc from destroyed objects. Use these to craft new weapons and gear at the workbench.

Dismantling existing objects is also an efficient way to gather lots of raw materials quickly. Customizing weapons can give you an edge according to your playstyle.

The modded APK provides unlimited resources so you can easily craft all items, gear, and weapons.

Mastering Combat for Endgame Battles

Eventually you will reach challenging boss battles that require skill to overcome. Some tips for endgame combat:

  • Learn enemy attack patterns patiently and wait for openings to strike.
  • Upgrade weapons for maximum damage. The RPG element allows powering up weapons.
  • Employ explosives strategically to inflict area damage on groups.
  • Utilize the environment – lure enemies into burning buildings or gas leaks.
  • Activate buffs like freezing time or increased speed to outflank opponents.

Mastering combat and weapon skills prepares you to dominate the endgame boss fights.


Melon Playground MOD APK opens up a dangerously delightful pixel universe to explore endlessly. With full unlocks and limitless resources, you are free to concentrate on indulging your destructive urges without worries or limits. Master the ragdoll physics and combat mechanics to become king of the sandbox landscapes. Download the mod for an adrenaline-filled ride now!

Update 17.0!Added:- Paintball Gun.- Global Light feature (in Camera settings section).- Light Objects: Flashlight, Festoon light, Candle and More!- Achievements. Find them all!- New Save and Mod files interaction: Choose .melmod or .melsave file from Messenger or FileBrowser and open them straight in Game!Fixed:- Destructible objects rework- UI optimisation- Stability and Performance improvements


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Melon Playground MOD APK (No ADS) v16.0

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You are now ready to download Melon Sandbox for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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